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About Me

Hi, It's Swifty (sonicswifty) here and I create content for my channel.
I do videos on loads of stuff. Mainly tech but I play games too!
I sometimes do videos on my own, but I'm mainly joined by my
YouTube friends!

My Team!

Spot my YouTube friends in my videos.
You'll be sure to find them!

"Hey Guys, It's Swifty here. I realy enjoy uploading cool and fun videos. One day, I want to be just as good as my favourite YouTubers like Linus Tech Tips, OSFirstTimer and iBallisticsquid. I've always liked tech and will be a strong point on my channel, but I also like games too. My favourites are Portal (1+2) and Minecraft! Let's Do This!"

"Hi, I'm PB_ Gaming. I'm a pretty small YouTuber who was inspired by my favourite youtubers like Prestonplayz, JeromeASF and BajanCanadian. These YouTubers have so many subscribers and I hope that one day I'll be the same!"

"Hi, I'm Noojk and I like to help out in PB's and Swifty's videos. I love many games but my favourite is Fortnite. Swifty's videos are realy great. Make sure to subscribe!"